Review: Fate’s Fables by T.Rae Mitchell

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Epic
ebook, First Edition, 488 pages
Published February 1st 2013 by Original Mix Media Inc.

Synopsis:Seventeen-year-old Fate Floyd loves adventure –– as long as it’s enjoyed from the comfort of her couch. So it’s probably best she has no idea the future of the universe rests squarely on her shoulders.

Summoned by a desperate stranger’s spell in a last ditch effort to fix a colossal screw-up, Fate’s cast into a seclret world bound by the ancient Book of Fables to retrieve a magical object powerful enough to set everything right. The only problem is, once she’s inside this savage wonderland, her only way out is to change the endings of the book’s eight dark fables into their mirror opposites. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to run this gauntlet alone, because she meets the mysteriously familiar Finn, who’s as inexplicably drawn to her as she is to him.
As they endure horrors beyond imagining, Fate awakens to powers she never knew she possessed and Finn questions his very existence, while an insidious darkness changes him in frightening ways. Ultimately, Fate must confront the faceless evil concealing itself behind the eyes of her one true love or remain trapped within the Book of Fables forever.
Rating: 5+/5
It has been(and it still is) a very busy period since I am finishing my degree at the end of this month. Given this fact, I was almost sure that I would not get any minute for some happy reading but I could not resist it  when I put my hands on “Fate’s Fables” by T.Rae Mitchell.
“Fate’s Fables” is the first book in the series “Fate’s Journey”. The beginning of the book made me think of a Doctor Who scene(i really do not know why) and I found it a little hard to stick with me but after a few pages it all started to flow at a normal pace(this happens in almost every book, right?).
After we are introduced to the story behind everything that is going to happen, we meet the lovely main character, Fate. Fate is an author and she has quite a normal life, different from everything that happens in her book Magick Brew.
At an impulse, Fate goes to her grandmothers bookstore where everything seems really quiet until she  stumbles upon a man named Finn. Fate is really surprised about someone’s presence in that place but, with a strange turn of events, Fate and Finn find a book of fables that starts of a great adventure.
Transported to the world of fables, the two of them need to turn eight fables’ endings into happy ones by reversing everything bad that had happened. Their adventure is a dangerous one, making them go through a series of hardships.
I really loved Ms. Mitchell’s book! I found it a really amazing read and I really appreciated her creativity and lovely writing style. The richness that every fable had and the different elements that each of them brought into light made me sink deeper and deeper into the magical places that the author created.
One of the facts for which I enjoyed reading the book was the way that the characters were created. I loved  Fate’s evolution. Given the fact that she had a quiet life before entering the world of fables, Fate gets to experience so many things that she would not have gotten to in her normal life. Changing events by simply writing them, getting to fly and having a snake as a companion are just some of the things that turn around Fate’s life . But none of these compare to the truth behind Finn’s life, a truth that changes everything.
I loved that the author managed to combine in a successful way some really funny dialogues with the descriptive fragments.
My favourite character, besides Fate, was Sithias :D! I really loved the snake and all of his funny come-backs! He was a really lovely addition to the story.
About the Fate-Finn couple: I can say that it is one of my favourites! They have to put up with so many things and the challanges they face come in a big number and vary from one another. Their dialogues and come-backs are sometimes funny but harsh in some moments. What’s destined for them you can find out only by reading Mitchell’s book(s) :]!
I recommend this book to every fantasy lover and to those who love fables of course! 😀 You will have the chance to meet some really amazing characters, some funny and some not, read about different romances and most important of all enjoy a thrilling combination between the real world and the fantastic world of fables. The adventure will be three books long which makes me really curious about what is going to happen next :D!
I would really love to see this series turned into a movie or a game or or… both! I think that it is really catchy.

“When his features came into full view, she recognized a familiar grin spreading over his handsome face and the twinkling amber eyes she’d come to know so well.
“Sithias!,” she said, hugely relieved. “It is you. But you look so-“
“Handsome? Dare I sssay sssexy, even?” he said without meaning to be flirtatious.”

“Finn’s shouders drooped with disappointment. “So…you’re psychic.”
She forced a smile. “That’s me, your very own psychic hotline, right here.”
“Oh, do me,” Sithias said, excited. “Tell my fortune.”
She turned to the snake, actually grateful for the diversions. “Sure, but you’ll have to wait for a flash,” she lied, knowing one would never come.
“I’ll be counting the minutess.””


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