Interview with Mona Hanna, author of High Witch & Prentor series

1. Hi Mona! I am really glad that you for accepted to answer some questions! Thank you very much! How about telling the readers of this blog some info about you?

Mona: Thanks for the interview Simona. I live in Australia and have been writing for several years now. The first books I self-published were Christian non-fiction books, the first one released in Feb 2011. I then started writing fantasy in mid 2012 and have released three fantasy novellas so far in late 2012 – early 2013. There’s the High Witch series and my Prentor series. Apart from my writing I care for my elderly mother and spend time with my friends and listening to music.

2. What is your book series “High Witch” about? We can tell for sure that it includes witches! :]

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Witches, Magic, Young Adult

Format: Paperback, 87 pages
Published December 2nd 2012 by Createspace (first published November 4th 2012)

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Synopsis:Ariel is a High Witch, one of the most powerful witches in the world. There are only three like her in existence. She finally learns who she is, but immediately has to flee from a malicious warlock, out to claim her for his own. With Brayden, her new love by her side, she attempts to outwit the warlock, and the High Witch who protects him. But what will she do if she has to go through ‘The Test’?

Mona: “High Witch” book one is about Ariel, a witch who discovers there are only three witches like her in the world. Her magic is stronger than that of an ordinary witch and she can cast many different kinds of spells. Women that are High Witches are in danger because if they are put through an ordeal called ‘The Test’ they can become enslaved to someone and forced to do whatever their master wants.

Ariel meets Brayden, a young man who knows all about High Witches, and they go on the run from the evil Julius who wants to trap Ariel. Ariel and Brayden fall in love and have to work together to defeat Julius.

The second book in the series, “High Witches,” is about Ariel and Brayden again, as well as a new couple, Hallie and Sean. This book is to be released in approximately September 2013.

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Witches, Magic, Young Adult
Number of pages:138
Expected publication: September 2013

Synopsis:After surviving the trauma of Julius hunting Ariel, Brayden and Ariel settle into their married life. Ariel is determined to find the other High Witches like her, to make sure they’re alright. But there’s something going on with her pregnancy, something unusual, and she needs to find out what.

In the meantime, Hallie, an eighteen-year-old witch, is being pursued by Nicholas, a strange young man who knows about her past. What does Nicholas want with Hallie, and how are they both connected to Ariel? And what about Sean, the man Hallie loves? Will they end up together, or will Nicholas’ plan hurt all of them? The two witches will need to work hard to save those they love, and each other.

3. How did the idea for this series come to your mind? Was is something on the spur of the moment?

Mona: Usually I come up with my characters first and then the plot. I came up with the character Ariel because I wanted to write about a woman who looked ordinary at first, didn’t appear beautiful and didn’t seem very strong, but it turns out she’s powerful. Also, I wanted the hero to fall in love with her when he first sees her, looking ordinary – I wanted him to love her even though she wasn’t dressed up or looking perfect.

That’s how I came up with Ariel – Brayden is partly based on a character from a book I started writing many years before and never finished. I took the same character and developed him further for this book.

4. The covers of “High Witch” and “High Witches” look really amazing! What is the story behind these magical covers?

Mona: I designed the covers myself but most of the credit goes to the artist who created the picture in the background. She uses the name Unholyvault and there is a link to her online profile in my books. I merely added the title and my name over the top and tried not to mess things up! The covers are very pretty and I’m pleased with them. I’m glad you like them!

5. What songs do you think match your books? Or maybe you could tell us some songs that you were listening to while writing the series.

Mona: I listen to music heavily when I write my books – while writing the sequel to High Witch I was listening to all kinds of music, from older stuff like Belinda Carlisle to the latest Justin Timberlake album most recently. I just find songs I like and play them on repeat while I write until I get sick of them. YouTube is great for finding older songs I haven’t heard in ages and listening to them over and over!

6. Which of your characters do you feel closest to and why do you think that?

Mona: In the High Witch series I feel closest to Ariel, partly because she’s female so I can identify with her more and also because she’s very dear to me. I like her so much and admire her strength and her big heart full of love. I adore her and am pleased she’s with someone as kind as Brayden. I think they’re a lovely couple and I care about them both very much.

7. What are you favorite books/book series? You can make a top 5/10 if you want to!

Mona: Some of my favourite books/book series are the Harry Potter books (I read them as an adult), the Chronicles of Narnia, almost anything by Diana Wynne Jones, and all Roald Dahl books. I love fantasy books most of all and I love romance as well.

8. Where do you usually write your works? Any favourite place? 😀

Mona: I just write sitting at my computer at home, and that’s about it. Sometimes I’ll take a notebook to a cafe and write a chapter or two of my latest book, but I mainly write at my computer at home.

9. What country/countries would you like your books to be popular in?

Mona: I would like my books to be popular anywhere people want to read them! I guess in particular the US and Europe, as well as Australia, my home. It would be wonderful to see my books in bookshops one day. That would make me really happy!

10. What do you think about Romania, the country I live in? Would you like to visit it one day?

Mona: I would like to visit Romania because I love castles and I read that Romania has some lovely old castles people can visit. I’d really love to go to Europe and Romania would be a lovely place to visit while I’m there. Romania seems beautiful from the pictures I’ve seen online, and I’d like to travel around and take hundreds of photos! 🙂

11. As an ending, you can say anything that comes to your mind to those who are reading! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and good luck with your books!

Mona: Thanks for giving me the chance to do this interview 🙂 I really appreciate it and I hope you and your readers like my books 🙂

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About the AuthorMona Hanna is the author of the books “The Nature of God” and “God’s Promises of Love.” She has been a devotional writer since 2008, creating the blog Mona Hanna Devotions, focusing on expressing God’s love, acceptance, and compassion. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Australia, with a sub major in professional writing. Mona is now writing fantasy books. “Myriad” is her first novella.



  1. Mona May 11, 2013 at 5:27 pm - Reply

    Hi Simona! Thanks so much for the interview 🙂 It really makes me happy to see it.

  2. Simoncello May 12, 2013 at 10:31 am - Reply

    You are very welcome, Mona! It was my pleasure!! 😀 I am really glad that I found your book series ^^!

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