Interview with Christina Mercer, author of Arrow of the Mist

1. Hi Christina! Thank you for accepting this interview! Since my readers might not know about you, how about telling them a few facts about yourself?

C: Sure thing. I love writing fiction for children and young adults, and I can’t help but include something magical in everything I write. I’ve had two of my novels honored, including ARROW OF THE MIST, which placed in the semi-finals of the 2010 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest. A few random facts about me: I’m a CPA, an herbalist, a beekeeper, I don’t eat mammals, I’m ambidextrous, and I’m related to the late movie director/producer Frank Capra.

2. What is your book “Arrow of the mist” about? 

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Number of pages: 257
Published March 21st 2013 (first published March 13th 2013)


Synopsis:From Publishers Weekly–“Ancient magic and herbal lore mark this engaging, fast-moving fantasy with a botanical bent. Lia, 15, is a winning heroine, discovering and wielding her magical gifts. Well developed characters, elegant dialogue, trickster creatures, exciting scenes of mystic battle and intriguing riddles stir up a powerful potion that will charm readers.”

Terror strikes the Celtic inspired kingdom of Nemetona when barbed roots breach the veil of a forbidden land and poison woodsmen, including 15-year-old Lia’s beloved father. Lia and three others embark on a quest to the forbidden land of Brume to gather ingredients for the cure. But after her elder kinsman is attacked and poisoned, she and her cousin, Wynn, are forced to finish the quest on their own.

Lia relies on her powerful herbal wisdom and the memorized pages of her late grandmother’s Grimoire for guidance through a land of soul-hungry shades, trickster creatures, and uncovered truths about the origin of Brume and her family’s unexpected ties to it. The deeper they trek into the land, the stronger Lia’s untapped gift as a tree mage unfolds. When she discovers the enchanted root’s maker, it forces her to question everything about who she is and what is her destiny. Ultimately she must make a terrible choice: keep fighting to save her father and the people of the lands or join with the power behind the deadly roots to help nature start anew.

C: Terror strikes the Celtic inspired kingdom of Nemetona when barbed roots breach the land and poison woodsmen, including 15-year-old Lia’s beloved father. Lia embarks on a quest to the forbidden land of Brume to gather ingredients for the cure. She relies on her herbal wisdom and newfound gift as a tree mage through a land of soul-hungry shades, magical creatures, and uncovered truths about her family.

3. When did the idea of the book come to your mind?

C: The seed-thought for this book took root a little over seven years ago, though elements of the story have lived within me since childhood. It started out as a short story meant for a much younger audience, but kept growing and developing into the novel for tweens/teens it is today. My formal studies in alternative healing and my informal studies in mythology inspired the world and facets of magic woven throughout the story.

4. Which is your favourite character from your book? 😀

C: I love them all! The heroine, Lia, is the one I developed the most and feel the “closest” to, but I adore her cousin, Wynn, and her love interest, Kelven. In the sequel I give Kelven equal time as a POV character. I had tons of fun with him. Look for ARMS OF ANU out later this year.

5. What songs were you listening to when you wrote “Arrow of the mist”? Or, maybe, which songs do you think that suit your book?

C: I work mostly in a quiet setting, but every now and then I played “Celtic” style music from artists like Enya or Loreena McKennitt.

6. What are your favourite books/book series? You can make a top 5/10 if you want to!

C: I could fill a page with all my fav books, but I will narrow it to the top 5:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (my first favorite novel as a child)
The Shannara Series by Terry Brooks
Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel
Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

7. Where do you usually write your works? Any favourite place?

C: My writing space is a little offset room from my bedroom. I have a nice fold out table and windows to look out at my yard. A comfy chair, laptop, and a mug always filled with tea help to keep me writing.

8. What do you think about Romania, the country I live in? Would you like to visit it one day?

C: I’ve seen pictures and my son actually did a project one school year on it. He had to bring a food or drink item to share and we made Romanian Orangeade. Yum! I’ve not yet traveled to Europe, but I hope to someday. I’d love to explore all its regions, including beautiful Romania.

9. Which one?

  • Night or Day?

C: Day

  • Classics or Contemporans (book related)?

C: Both!

  • E-book or Paperback?

C: E-book’s are so easy, but I also hoard paperbacks like a book dragon

  • Cat or Dog?

C: Dog

  • Cherries or Strawberries?

C: Strawberries

  • The beach or The mountain?

C: The Beach

10. As an ending, you can say anything that comes to your mind to those who are reading! Anything you would like to share with them is welcome! 

C: I’m having tons of fun connecting with other since the release of my book in March. I love connecting with other readers and writers, and all sorts of creative-types. You can find me at these various places around the web.

Simona: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

Christina: Thank you so much for hosting me!

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About the Author:Christina Mercer writes fiction for children and young adults. She earned a degree in Accounting from California State University at Sacramento and a Certificate in Herbal Studies from Clayton College of Natural Health. She took Writer’s Best in Show at the 2012 SCBWI CA North/Central Regional Conference and was a semi-finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest. Christina resides in Northern California enjoying life with her husband, two sons, four dogs, and about 100,000 honeybees.


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