Best prom dresses for your dream night

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to look beautiful and confident. Prom is one of the moments when a girl needs to shine as bright as possible. Going to a prom is a special occasion that makes girls and even boys really anxious, but everything can turn out in a magical way if you have the right kind of outfit.

If you are choosing your prom dress at the last minute it might be hard for you to be calm, but do not worry since I will help you with ideas so you can pick quickly the best dress for you.

Mermaid dress for revealing your figure

If you have a great body, why not put it in a good light by wearing a mermaid prom dress? You have many types and colours of mermaid dresses that you can choose from, such as those that you can find on They also have a 10% discount for the summer sale. Use the code Summer and you can buy your dream dress at a great price!

Some of the popular mermaid dresses come in soft colours like pink, baby blue, pale yellow, nude or even silver.

Long glittery prom dresses

In the category of long prom dress you can choose a mermaid prom dress in a glittery silver model or other type of dress that will make you sparkle, literally! Long prom dresses that are fit are better suited for girls that are medium height or tall. Glitter on top of a fit dress will make you seem like in a fairy tale!

Voluminous prom dresses for hiding imperfections

When you are not as satissfied with your legs or have a belly that you don’t want to reveal, try an choose a dress that is long and has volume. Voluminous dresses are perfect for girls that are either too thin or have a few kilos on their legs. Be aware that dresses with volume will also make you look voluminous so if you are a little roly-poly, you might not want this kind of dress.

If your figure is perfect for a voluminous dress you will surely look like a princess and have the time of your life on this special day!

Be in the center of attention with a red dress

If you are the type a girl that really wants to stand out in the night of her prom, you need to choose a dress in a bright colours. A red prom dress if a perfect idea since this colour will not only make you stand out, but it will give you elegance and a romantic look.

Dark colours make you look elegant

It is well known that dark colours can make you look thinner and more elegant. You can wear a dark coloured dress to your prom and look sophisticated without even trying. Opt wearing a black, dark blue or dark green dress to your prom and everything will go out as planned. Don’t forget your trusty clutch!

Pink is everything you think (want!)

Lastly, you can keep an eye on those pink dreamy dresses that you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Pink is a colour that can highlight your feminine side, so you can never go wrong with a pink dress.

Try to choose a soft pink coloured dress, but you can also go wild with a deep pink since it’s your prom night! You can find cheap formal dresses in pink and many other colours online on 27dress and you will surely find the perfect kind of dress for your prom night. With the perfect dress, you will make memories you will never want to forget!


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