Genre: Science-fiction, fantasy
Format: Paperback, ebook
Pages: 378
Language: English
Published: May 31, 2013 
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A dire prophecy is fulfilled when Tahnadra’s royal moon is attacked and overthrown by religious extremists. Forced to flee for her life, Princess Eladria, now a fugitive in her own land, finds herself embroiled in a sinister experiment that threatens to destroy her world and countless others.

With the barriers between dimensions rapidly collapsing, Eladria learns she must travel to the forbidden land of Drantak, where a dark and ravenous force seeks to unleash its fury on a universe it was long ago banished from. Only Eladria can prevent a universal armageddon, but in order to do so she must confront a shockingly familiar adversary and be willing to make a devastating sacrifice.

Rating: 5/5

I have not had too many contacts with science-fiction books but this did not stop me to read Mackay’s book Eladria. I am really glad that I did so because I got to meet Eladria, the main character of this book, a character that not only has to bear an imense pain but also has to deal with it while trying to prevent a dissaster that threatens everything.
Eladria is a princess whose world falls apart after some extremists, the Ha’shons, make their attack. With her loved ones killed, Eladria will have to find out a way and save her people and land while being a fugitive.
The plot of this book was really well planned and it kept me reading and reading. As the action progressed, Eladria’s evolution could be seen although she suffered an imense pain, a pain that many would not bear.

On the Princess’s side we find Zinn, a wonderful companion which will reveal her true side while helping Eladria, a companion that has a well determined place in the action. I really loved Zinn and her secret power and I am sure that many readers would also like her!
The book is filled with many elements that go well together, elements that even I can not count since some might seem to be a fiction but actually are not. I really liked that the book started slow but soon it turned out to be like a marathon for the reader (in that case, me) since some drastical things happened in the first part of the book.

The abundance of the action is well placed and I was really curious to see Eladria’s evolution after her loss. Her journey was planned well and it was a long and dangerous one but with the help of those like Zinn, the princess got to find out more about higher powers that were aware of everything that was going on, forces that guided her.

I really liked the main character of this book since Mackay created a strong character, a worthy princess who gets to prove her position in the end.
The author’s writing style is really wonderful and alongside with the good plot this is a huge plus. I do not want to go into details since I could give away many spoiler but I just want to recommend this book to all fantasy and science-fiction lovers sincer it brings something new into sight, Eladria being a original story and a thrilling journey which keeps the reader rooting for the good to win.
“Eladria lay in a state of defeat, resigned to her fate. If she was to die, then there was nothing she could do about that. There was no way out of this cell. Not without help.

It was at that moment that something caught her eye.

A creature scurried across the hallway. It was a yunpa, a small furry rodent, scuttling along the corridor that bridged the holding cells. It stopped in front of Eladria’s cell and peered in. It was staring directly at her, its whiskers twitching wildly.”

“<<Do not underestimate yourself. Go now, knowing that you are not alone. You will be aided in your mission and guided along your path.>>
Eladria nodded and took a deep breath to steady herself. Again, the ground was rocked by a tremor, which sent rubble tumbling down the cannyon walls. Lightning continued to bombard the land as the rupture swallowed the heavens.”

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About the Author:
Hi, my name is Rory. I’m a writer, blogger and artist from Scotland. As a social science graduate, philosopher and student of Vedanta, Zen and Taoism, one of my true passions is exploring the potential of fiction and art to not just entertain, but to inspire and expand consciousness. My debut novel “Eladria” is published in May 2013 by Cosmic Egg Books.