Trip to the mountains – part 1

Two weeks passed since I have returned from my trip to the mountains. For eight days I wandered from place to place, visiting and discovering new wonders in my country. Our initial goal was the Putna Monastery which is located in the north of Romania whilst I live in the south-east of the country. The journey was long but we stopped in many random places and even ended up visiting a mine of which I did not know about.

I split the pictures into 2 posts since they are quite many and I really hope that you will be patient and find some that inspire you. I did not necessarely put accent on quality since at many times I just took pictures of places, feelings, architecture of buildings and of course nature since I am a nature lover.

A lovely old glass work on the wall of a house.

The Cantacuzino Castle seen from Buşteni.

Admiring old houses and the lovely architecture while walking through Buşteni.

On our second day we visited the Cantacuzino Castle which I have wanted to visit since a few years ago. I remembered the stories about this castle right after it came into my sight. Strange floating orbs of light are sometimes seen in the photographs of tourists and also unusual sounds have been reported at many times. This did not stop me and other tourists of visiting it. I found it a really magnificent place, not as magnificent as the Bran Castle for example, but this is because it is just about 100 years old. Nevertheless, the castle and its surroundings are a must for tourists. While we waited for our guide we visited the castle garden and courtyard where we were pleased to see many flowers and also a personal cave with streaming water! I also enjoyed swinging in some really awesome cradles that were tied to some huge trees.

We went up the Hunting Tower which was usually used to spot the game since the castle is situated next to the forest from the mountains. We had a better view of the castle and surroundings from there and it was interesting to feel like a huntsman for a moment (interesting but frightning since I would not dare to hunt).

Objects that belonged to the Cantacuzino famlily (which was quite a huge family by the way).

Stained glass could be seen in almost every room of the castle and I bet that it looks really amazing when the sun rays float right through it.

The Hall of Honour was a really interesting room to see. It was really big and the mural painting was showing us members of the Cantacuzino family as well as the stained glasses. You will see a few pictures (or maybe too many?) with chandeliers since they were in most of the rooms, the biggest being the one in the Hall of Honours I presume.

I was really happy that in this trip I saw two eagles and also a hawk! The eagles were pretty amazing and I think that they were searching for some prey.

At the recommandation of a friend I ended up visiting the Saint Anne Lake (Lacul Sfânta Ana) which is the only crater lake from my country, Romania. It is supposedly about 9000 years old!! The place is undamped which is a really good thing considering the fact that people tend to ruin nature at times.

The church dedicated to Saint Anne.

Strolling through the woods.

Be ready for the next two parts of my trip really soon. Hope that you enjoyed the pictures and sorry for the huge number but I could not resist posting them.

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