Genre: Fantasy, Magic
Format: Paperback / Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 92
Published August 10th 2012


After the tragic loss of his wife and child, Myriad Markwin began tormenting the Royal family of Prentor. For eighteen years, he’d mercilessly killed people in the castle on the Princess’ birthday. But this year, he wasn’t settling for servants or guards. He was going to kill the Royal family themselves. A group of warlocks and witches was out to stop him, but a young newcomer to them, Kalin, was proving the most trouble…

Kalin has denied his magic for years, but suddenly finds himself in a battle with one of the most powerful warlocks that has ever lived. He has to face up to things about himself he never knew, to try and save the Royal family from murder. With his new friends helping him, and a new love enchanting him, can he stop the coming bloodshed? Will he survive the fight of his life?
Rating: 4/5

Another series by Mona Hanna, the Prentor series, opens with the first novella, Myriad. 
The book presents us the story of Myriad, a warlock whose pregnant wife, Machayla, gets very ill. The same illness is being carried by the Queen, also pregnant. The King finds the medicine for his Queen but due to his selfisness he uses it all, making Machayla die with her unborn baby. Myriad promises the death of those from the palace. The murders begin and happen on the Princess’ birthday for eighteen years. The next whom were planned to die were those from the Royal Prentor family.
Eighteen years later, the story brings us Kalin, a young man who is uncertain of his path. But little does he know what power he has and what a battle he will go through alongside with some new friends and the beautiful Regina who he is head over heels.

I liked this series that Hanna wrote, not only being a short and interesting one but also having many elements (magic, romance, fantasy) combined in a lovely manner. I must admit that I had higher expectations about this series but I guess that the continuation of the Prentor series should be read.
I liked the story that the author put into scene but I was a little not too convinced by Kalin’s personality, maybe because he is still young. He falls in love extremly quickly but I was really happy to see that the book had a happy ending for him!
Throuoghout the book we find out more info about Myriad and his father also.
I really liked that the author had an almost flawless style since I have not seen mistakes in her exprimation like in most of the books that I have dealed with in 2013.
I can say that I had enjoyed High Witch more than Myriad but that might not be happening to all of you ;D!
I highly recommend this book to all of those who love high fantasy! This can be a relaxing fast read since it is almost 100 pages long. I am sure that most readers would finish it just in one day, when they start reading it!
PS: Doesn’t the cover look really awesome? I really like it!


“They sat silently for a long time. He played with the edge of his pillow, thinking Regina would tire of him and leave soon. To his surprise she moved closer to him, putting her hand on his side.”

“Myriad clenched his fists, then thrust out his right arm, a blazing ball of fire hurtling towards Kalin. He threw a huge water ball at it, the water crashing onto the flames, dissolving them. Myriad pushed out his hands, a hundred knives appearing in the air in a flash of light, screaming up to him. Kalin put out his hands also, a wave of power exuding from him, the wall of energy making the knives collapse to the ground. Myriad narrowed his eyes. Kalin gulped.”