Hey everyone!!

I am currently preparing a review for all of you…actually 2 to be honest!…And a few more posts for the following days. Also I am thinking about opening a new column which I hope that you will all like, especially my fellow romanian followers :D!
Now to talk about this post. I have wanted for a few days to take part of a really nice contest from La Strada, a company from France that makes “contemporany gelato”. Which I finally did today :)!
I am really excited about this contest since I have the chance to win a bycicle!! For a few months I have been fantasizing about learning how to ride a ‘cycle! Maybe this is a sign for me fact for which I divied into this contest.
If you like the picture which I entered with (the one on the left), you can vote for me HERE. Click on my picture and on the left click Voteaza/Vote!
You need to have a FB account for this.

The Spotted Bycicle

Thank you for your support!! :]

PS: The Vanilla gelato was really yummy! My ma said that it tasted like the ones from back when she was young.