It has been a while since I have read a really good paranormal cozy mystery book! Because that what “Firefly Beach” was: a really good and awesome book!

The main character of the book, Beth LaMonte, decides to move on with her life after she goes through the divorce with her husband, and so she moves to the coast of Maine where she wants to start her life again and also concentrate on painting.

The place she moves to is a welcoming one, having both kind folks but also strange ones.

Beth’s confort is disturbed when a mysterious light starts appearing near the forest she can see through her window and it deepens when the strange so called firefly leads Beth to a long forgotten disappearance.

After countless strugles Beth decides to solve the mystery that lies behind the secrets that she discovered, having at times the help of Mary and Kenny, the people she got most close to.

The ending of the book is a really nice one, fact that made me happy since many books do not have these kinds of endings anymore.

I really liked how the author created some kind of a bond between Beth and Katherine, the one whom the secret revolves around. While digging deeper in the past, Beth is also remembering her own past and also making connections about things she discovers and things she needs to let go of.

I can say that I really enjoyed the book of Pentermann, and at times I felt like in a movie or a game in which the protagonist investigated every person that could have been related to the secret on which the plot is centered.

I also loved the fact that Beth liked to paint and I was amused of the moments when she kept missing the sunrises and sunsets which she needed to use in her paintings.

I am not a big fan of some books that include paragraphs in which there are many descriptions of the surroundings that might not help the protagonist in any way, but I can not say that I have not enjoyed the author’s way of writing because I did! I focused on every little paragraph and I imagined how the places around Beth looked and also the people. The secret place of Beth and the forest were some of the best!

It was interesting to see characters evolving, not only Beth but also of some secondary characters.

The cover of the book is also wonderful and it really suits it since it is a painting and Beth love to paint(and so do I)!

“It seemed preposterous in the sobriety of day, but she gazed out the window toward the forest and tentatively wondered wheter or not there was a secret beach hidden by the rocky cliff. A thin layer of fog lingered in the forest; wispy tentacles slithered in and around the trees.”

“After gazing at the painting for several minutes, she decided she had earned a break.

The twilight bathed the living room in a warm glow. Beth fetched the diary and sat on the couch. She had recovered from her brief brush with the past, and she was eager to learn more about the captivating girl. She flipped through the diary to find her place. Then she pulled her legs up under her bottom, leaned on the arm of the couch, and read. 


Rating: 4.5-5/5 
Number of pages: 333
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Published April 5th 2012 by CreateSpace (first published 2009)