THE WEEPING EMPRESS by Sadie S. Forsythe

I have recieved The Weeping Empress by Sadie S. Forsythe (thank you very much, Sadie!) in exchange for my honest review.

I started this book the same day that I recieved it. I was really amazed that the pages were really full of words (not like other books) and only after reading a few pages I have felt that I read much more.

The story follows Chiyo Alglaeca. In the beginning of the book she finds herself in the middle of a battle, confused and not knowing how she got there. As the action progresses she goes along with two males, Muhjah and Senka, who are the only ones she thinks she can possibly trust. The two men see something really interesting in Chiyo as she always survives and acts like anyone else. They decide to train her and so, the main protagonist, finds her inner warrior spirit, proving her strenght and capability of handling a sword.

This book is really beautifully written! I really was absorbed by the story and I was amazed of it since this genre mostly does not fit with my style. I felt that this book had something more inside even since before I started reading it.

I really admire what character Sadie created! Chiyo is full of everything! I really loved her strenght and power to get in a place she had never thought of!

The ending of the book was also amazing. I had to digest the information after reading the Epilogue; I really liked the idea Sadie used there: the combination of the past and present was really something I did not expect!

Thank you, Sadie, for writing such an amazing book! I felt like I was reading scenes from a movie that played somewhere in the back of my mind *this book would be a really good movie!*

I recommend this book to anyone who admires the evolution of a character and loves to see beyond the written text!

Rating/ Nota acordată: 5/5 
Number of pages: 244
Language: English