Travel Journal – Dragos Voda, Natural Reservation

Travel journal – summer of 2011 – part 3

Frightened deers and does come closer to eat sunflower seeds which visitors give them. My ma claps her hands in amusement and all the animals run scared. “Stop it”, I say while I put myself in the lovely animals place. A lovely deer aproaches us although it is a sunny hot day and he is tired and lazy.

Isn’t this deer sleeping so peacefully? ♥♥♥

At the entrance, some aurochs can be seen in the distance. They are an extinct species so they are given as much space as they could have. But I am sure that it is not enough since they are masive animals.

After them, on the right, a few cages filled with all kinds of birds come in our sight. Beautiful peacocks start making strange sounds while funny tufted hens run around.

Next to them a bear is sitting lazily and does not even bother to look at us until we give him some sunflower seeds (and he actually eats them!).

We see the cage of a wolf.. I start to get some goose bumps since I have never seen a real one in my whole life. We search for him and finally spot him sleeping in the sun like a stray dog. We start making noises but he does not bother that much. He lifts his head and then closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. What a wolf! He looks like a dog! But I would be as bored as him if I had to stay closed in a cage.
A boar is running in circles while waiting for some attention. It is like people are avoiding him since he is not the prettiest creature on Earth. But I find him funny and nice in his own way. Reminds me of Pumba from Lion King C:, whom I really adore!

Many things to say but not so many words are available to describe some simple things that happen in nature. Beautiful animals that surround us should not become extinct by human fault and should be helped to survive. It is really good that people made reservations and other simillar things to protect them but I wonder how much this will help in the near future.

At the end of our Dragoş Vodă, Natural Reservation (from Tîrgul Neamţ) tour, my parents stopped to buy some natural honey that was being sold at the entrance and I saw some beautiful butterflies flying around. As I aproached one of them, I realised that it was hurt. Hope he wasn’t bittend by a bear or god knows what!

Hope that you enjoyed the pictures! Tried to upload as many as i could ~~



  1. Dev December 19, 2011 at 12:01 am - Reply

    Hahah, really enjoyed reading through the funny: story specially your mom's reaction =)), made the pictures fit more naturally in my mind (and the yummy freshy honey) :D. It appears that animals are easy to bribe if you have sunflower seeds ahahahh, Better have some emergency seeds around the next time a bear chases me in the woods =))

    The stag laying on the grass looks really awesome , wish I could get closer and try to touch him, but I'd probably end up being chased around by a mad stag :D! Pumba and "Motata Olandeza" look ridiculously funny hahah, almost as they were pulled out of a cartoon show 😀

    Great post 😉

    (Ps: went online to check out their name in English, they are called Polish chicken(s) even tough they were found in the Netherlands *silly chikens* lol)

  2. magicbut3rfly January 14, 2012 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    sorry for the late reply OTL ;//
    It's really strange how almost all animals like seeds >u< ~~ you should get some seeds before going into the woods :))

  3. magicbut3rfly January 22, 2012 at 7:37 pm - Reply

    Hmm.. i don't think the stag would chase you but you may end up up in it's head :)) Since he could "stag" you =))

    The honey was really good. It had a small faint of bitterness but that was because it was made from many natural plants >u<

    // Yeah, they're Polish Chickens(Motate Olandeze xD) ~~

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