Interview with Mariss Burt, author of Storybound

More and more interviews for all readers! This time you get to know more about Marissa Burt and her book Storybound! She was really kind and nice and accepted to answer my questions! You can check them out bellow and lose yourself in a magical world!
PS: There’s also going to be a surprise from Marissa for you!! More details in the next weeks!!

1. SC:  Hi Marissa! Thank you very much for accepting this interview! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Marissa: I live in the Seattle area with my husband, three young sons, and heaps of books.  I’ve always loved to read, and writing has been a natural outflow of my life-long fascination with stories.  My ideal afternoon would include a walk on a rocky west-coast beach with my family, followed, by a cozy fire, something hot to drink, and a good book.
SC: Now that sounds so wonderful! I’m sure we’d all like to do that at times.

2. SC: I know that Storybound is a middle-grade story but I think it’s suited for the child inside everyone! What’s the story about?

Marissa: Storybound tells the tale of Una Fairchild – a shy, book-loving, twelve year old who has always felt invisible in our world.  One day, she discovers a mysterious book in the basement of her school library and is transported to the Land of Story, where children are studying to be characters in books – whether that be horrible Villains or brave Cowboys or clever Sleuths.  

Una learns to navigate this new world and realizes that things in Story are not as happily-ever-after as they appear. With the help of her new friend Peter, a Hero-in-training, and a talking cat named Sam, Una must figure out who has Written her In and why, a quest that will put her smack dab in the middle of a battle for the Land of Story itself.

SC: A really magical story! I’m sure all readears are going to find it exciting!

3. SC: How did you come up with the title of the book?

Marissa: That’s a great question!  The book was initially titled The Tale Of Una Fairchild.  Once we were through several rounds of edits, my editor approached me and asked me for other title ideas.  We ultimately landed on Storybound, and I especially like it because of the layers of meaning: Una is “bound” for Story as she journeys into the otherworld, and, as readers may already know, the manner in which Story’s tales are bound into books is important to the narrative. 

SC: The initial title sounds also interesting but I guess that Storybound fits perfectly your book!

4. SC: The cover is really wonderful! Makes you feel like you’re stepping in another world! What’s the story of the picture you’ve chosen?

Marissa: Thank you so much!  I was absolutely thrilled when I first saw the cover, and the fabulous art design team at HarperCollins must take all the credit.  The talented Alison Klapthor is the art designer, and Brandon Dorman created this gorgeous image.  It comes from a scene early on in the book when Una and Peter arrive at Birchwood Hall, the dormitory for students studying to be characters in fantasy novels.  

SC: I can almost imagine their arival scene! Really curious about all that happens!

5. SC: Is Storybound going to be a trilogy? Any spoilers from what’s going to happend in Story’s End, the 2nd book?

Marissa: Storybound is part of what I’ve recently learned is called a duology (two book series).  The story will, in that sense, come to an end in Story’s End.  🙂  As Una, Peter, and Snow’s adventures continue, the three characters are separated (as are all the heroes in good fantasy tales), and I especially like Snow’s storyline.  Also, I’m very close to being able to share the cover for Story’s End with you all, and I just have to say it is absolutely breathtaking.  

SC: A duology! How interesting! I must read both books sometime under a big tree! Can’t wait to see the cover of Story’s End! Really excited!

6.  SC: Do you have any music in your mind that would fit your current book?

Marissa: Alas!  No!  I am one of those people who really can’t listen to music when I read or write.  Sometimes when I’m in a crowded cafe trying to write, I’ll even put in earplugs, because music is too distracting.  Occasionally, I will listen to classical music, so perhaps that might qualify as a soundtrack?  I also like the magical-sounding music HarperCollins chose for these author videos.   

SC: I’m sure many can be distracted at times by music! I also like listening to classical music at times. It’s really relaxing. I like the magical-sounding music that HC chose! It’s really nice! I love this kind of music.

7. SC: What are you favourite authors?

Marissa: This is a difficult question!  I’d have to say that my favourite author is probably the one whose book I am thoroughly enjoying at the time.  I’m always happy to discover new books, and I love the stalkerish nature of connectivity that lets me learn more of an author’s personal stories as I’m reading their creative work.
SC: I like they way you’re thinking! Since there are so many authors & books out there it’s always hard to choose! 

8. SC: What are you favourite books/series? Anything you would recommend to other readers?

Marissa:  What a question!  Perhaps I’d better stick to some of my favourite childhood reads to help narrow it down.  When I was Una’s age, I first discovered The Lord of the Rings, so that trilogy is high on my list.  I also loved Tad Williams’ Tailchaser’s Song and Joy Smith Aiken’s Solo’s Journey.  Around this time I dove into Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time saga which I will happily re-read once the final installment releases.  All of L.M.Montgomery’s books are annual favourites of mine, and I’ve especially enjoyed reading through her personal journals.  I’m also a sucker for a good mystery, and the Cat-Who series was one of my favourites in middle-school. 
SC: Wow! I really like the books you’ve chosen! I’d love to try them out.

9. SC: What do you think about Romania? Would you like to visit it someday?

Marissa: I would love to visit Romania someday!  Since I have three young boys, I haven’t traveled much recently, but I enjoy discovering other cultures.  One of my favourite things to do is learn about the history and tradition of a place and then imagine what everyday life must have been like for people who lived there long ago.  

10. SC: Thank you for answering all these questions! If you have anything you would like to tell to the readers of my blog, please do so! I’m sure they’d be thrilled to hear something from you!

Marissa: Thanks so much for stopping by and for being interested in Storybound!   

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About the Author:Marissa Burt writes middle grade fantasy and is represented by Laura Langlie of the Laura Langlie Literary Agency. She grew up in Portland, Oregon, and drifted eastward, living in Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, and South Carolina, before coming back home to the Pacific Northwest.

Along the way, she studied Sociology, Ancient Languages, and Theology and clocked hours as a social worker, barista, 5th grade teacher, bookseller, faculty assistant, and reference librarian. But not all at the same time.

Marissa now lives in the Seattle area with her husband and three sons where she enjoys time spent around family, friends, and good books.

Photo: ©2011, Barry Gregg
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